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Tumble Days Soft Play Party Hire Terms, Conditions & Hire Information

You will be required to sign to say you accept these terms of hire on the day of the party hire, prior to set up.

Bookings, delivery and set up

Bookings are only confirmed with the return of a signed booking form and payment of the $50 booking deposit. This is deducted from the total amount payable. The final balance will be due 7 days prior to the hire. In the event you have not made 100% payment, we will not be able to deliver the equipment to you.

All payments can be made by cash or bank transfer.

The soft play party hire packages include free setup and delivery to venues within 15kms of Hampton 3188. This does not include any parking or toll charges.

We will endeavour to arrive in plenty of time to set up the equipment, however Tumble Days are not responsible for any delay incurred through unforeseen circumstances, i.e. traffic problems, bad weather etc.

We will need approximately 45 minutes to set up the party and the same time to pack up and remove the equipment depending on venue access. Please take this into account when booking venue times.

Please allow adequate parking space for a large van as close as possible to the access point for delivery and collection of our equipment.

Tumble Days will set up the equipment taking into account full safety of the children and therefore equipment must not be moved, except in the case of rain or very hot weather. We will not accept any liability for accidents, injury or damage during the period of hire if this has occurred. Photographs are taken to evidence this upon setup.

In the event of unsuitable weather after the delivery has been completed, the full fee will still be payable. If it is raining on the day of the event we will contact you prior to delivery to discuss your options and if the party is not able to go ahead because of rain you will receive a credit towards a future booking.

We can only deliver equipment to a suitably sized open space and we will not be responsible for removing furniture etc. If the area is not big enough for the equipment, we will arrange with you for appropriately sized soft play pieces to be left.

Plan so that an area of approximately 2 metres (6 feet) around the area is completely clear.


If you cancel within 7 days of your hire period, you will forfeit 100% of payments made (If there is a genuine medical reason you will be given a credit for a future booking). If you cancel prior to 7 days before your hire period, you will forfeit your $50 deposit only.
During periods of severe weather conditions Tumble Days reserve the right to cancel a booking.

Health and Safety Instructions

It is the responsibility of the person who is hiring the Soft Play Party Hire Melbourne Equipment to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury to its users or damage to the equipment and all safety instructions are adhered to.

Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that the following health and safety instructions are followed:

  1. The equipment has a user age limit of 4 years old. Please ensure no-one over this age uses the equipment.
  2. Where the equipment is to be situated must be free from obstructions, debris and that there is strictly no dog foul (for outdoor bookings) where the equipment is to be sited, before we arrive.
  3. No animals to be allowed on or near the soft play equipment.
  4. No food, drinks or chewing gum to be allowed on or near any of the soft play equipment, which will avoid choking and soiling of the equipment (please note that if the equipment is collected in a dirty condition, the hirer will incur a cleaning charge).
  5. No glass, drinking glasses or bottles to be used on or near the Soft Play Equipment.
  6. All shoes, glasses, jewellery, sharp objects, badges MUST be removed before using the equipment. Parents/guardians who enter the Soft Play area or walk over the padded floor tiles whilst supervising must remove their shoes, particularly heels. Any damage may result in the Hirer having to pay an additional fee for replacement or repair.
  7. For hygiene purposes, socks must be worn at all times on the equipment.
  8. No face paints, party poppers, streamers, bubbles or silly string to be used either on or near the equipment.
  9. If heavy soiling of the equipment does occur, the hirer is responsible for cleaning the equipment using only water – any other type of solution will damage the equipment.
  10. If any damage is caused during the party, please notify Tumble Days and we will arrange for the cleaning/repair of the equipment. Any costs incurred by Tumble Days will be invoiced to the Hirer upon receipt of a quotation from the relevant company. If there is any equipment missing at the time of collection, this will also require replacement and the cost of which will be invoiced.
  11. There must be a responsible adult (over the age of 18) supervising children at all times. To comply with insurance regulations responsible adults must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when in charge. Tumble Days will not be held liable for any damage, accidents or injury that occurs due to the consumption and effects of alcohol and/or drug use.
  12. Always ensure that the soft play equipment is not overcrowded, and limit numbers according to the age and size of the children using it.
  13. Ensure that children are not pushing, colliding, fighting or behaving in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.
  14. Do not allow anyone to jump from the tops of the play equipment.
  15. Ensure that no-one with a history of back or neck problems is allowed on the equipment, or any Child who is feeling unwell.
  16. The soft play equipment should not be used if it becomes wet, as the surfaces may become slippery. Please use a towel to dry the equipment.
  17. Please take care in hot weather as the equipment may become hot to touch.
  18. Although the Soft play equipment and balls from the Ball Pit are cleaned after every event it is recommended that supervising adults discourage children from placing balls in their mouths for hygiene purposes.
  19. Particular care should be taken when younger children and toddlers are exiting the Ball Pit to ensure no accidents occur. Diving/ jumping into or standing on the side of the Ball Pit or playhouse is not allowed.
  20. Rockers should be supervised closely and only one child should play on each at any time.
  21. There must be no smoking or barbecues near the Soft play equipment.
  22. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that, once set up, due care and attention is given to avoid damage to the soft play equipment and injury to its users.
  23. Tumble Days will only operate within accepted standards of Health & Safety and our staff on site; reserve the right to refuse any services that contravene those standards or the terms of our insurance.

This web site is operated by Tumble Days (“we”, “us” or “our”). All bookings made via this web site are governed by these Terms and Conditions at any time. It is your responsibility as the Hirer to read and understand these Terms and Conditions of Hire PRIOR to making a booking. We will confirm acceptance of your booking immediately after you have confirmed your hire by us sending this in writing via e-mail to the email address you have provided to us or by letter to the postal address provided by you.


We have $10 million dollars Public Liability Insurance.


Under the Australian Consumer Law (Victoria), several statutory guarantees apply to the supply of certain goods and services. These guarantees mean that the supplier named on this form is required to ensure that the recreational services it supplies to you-

  • are rendered with due care and skill; and
  • are reasonably fit for any purpose which you, either expressly or by implication, make known to the supplier; and
  • might reasonably be expected to achieve any result you have made known to the supplier.

Under section 22 of the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012, the supplier is entitled to ask you to agree that these statutory guarantees do not apply to you or your child. If you sign this form, you will be agreeing that your rights to sue the supplier either on your own behalf or on behalf of your child under the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012 if you or your child are killed or injured because the services provided were not in accordance with these guarantees, are excluded, restricted or modified in the way set out in this form.

NOTE: The change to your rights, as set out in this form, does not apply if your death or injury is due to gross negligence on the supplier’s part. Gross negligence, in relation to an act or omission, means doing the act or omitting to do an act with reckless disregard, with or without consciousness, for the consequences of the act or omission. See regulation 5 of the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Regulations 2012 and section 22(3)(b) of the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012.

The Hirer fully indemnifies Tumble Days in respect of all and any liability, loss, expense, damage, claims, suits, actions, demands or proceedings by any person or party whatsoever for any injury to any person or persons and/or property caused by or in connection with or arising out of the use of the play equipment and in respect of all costs and charges in connection therewith whether arising under statute or common law.

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